How do you achieve a 360-degree view of the customer? Do you use your ERP system or a dedicated CRM solution?

“We want more insight into our customers. Not only into their order history but also into the ‘customer journey’. How do we actually do that?”

If you have been using the CRM module within Dynamics AX , you know that it gives you a lot of insight into order history, product details and contacts. But you need more. You need deep insight into the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts, as well as a better picture of how your sales plans lead to closed deals. How do you get this insight?

Future ambitions

Your ERP system is the backbone of your organization. It contains all of the data that drives your business forward. Because the CRM module is part of your ERP, all the data you need is immediately to hand – including customer information, such as order history, product information such as configuration options and flexible pricing, and service management information.

But you can also see how the market is developing. It is increasingly vital to respond at the right phase of the customer journey, working with data for sound and strategic decision-making … You recognize the opportunities, but does your ERP system provide sufficient functionality to respond appropriately?

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers many insights on the operational side, but it lacks a 360-degree customer view. Have you ever thought of extending your system with a dedicated CRM solution? You might say: “I already have a CRM – where is the value in a dedicated solution?” But ask yourself these questions:

  • Which teams or employees make use of CRM features?
  • What data is most relevant to these employees?
  • How important is optimal marketing function for your organization?
  • How do you measure our customers’ opinion of your organization?
  • Is your focus on product development and process optimization, or do you have ambitions in terms of customer service and strengthening your brand?

If you want to gain an edge in marketing and sales, then a dedicated CRM is a must-have.

Are you ready for Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 for Sales was designed from the ground-up to be outwards-looking, with a wide variety of out of the box tools to gather sales intelligence and prioritize the opportunities most likely to generate revenue, with a native connection to LinkedIn.  For your existing customers, Dynamics 365 provides the ability to track the quality of your relationship with them using a wide array of metrics – including keeping an ear to social media. All of this is packaged with an excellent integration to your existing AX system/  Dynamics 365 is also natively integrated with the Office 365 suite, including Outlook. With all of these tools available, your commercial team will be well-equipped to compete in today’s marketplace.

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