Many manufacturers are already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing software to enhance their offerings in this way. Predictive analytics capabilities give them greater control to be leaner, more productive and delight customers in equal measure.

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Minimizing the cost and disruption of maintenance is vital for airlines. Rolls-Royce has over 13,000 engines in use by the world’s commercial aircraft, so it’s critical to keep them available and efficient. As such, it uses Microsoft Azure to process the rapidly increasing data volumes generated by aircraft and customers, to analyze performance and gain insight into how to do things even better.

Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI link engine sensors to contextual information like air traffic control, route data, weather and fuel usage. This gives the business a more comprehensive, accurate overview of the health of its aircraft engines.

This can make a substantial difference to bottom line as well as performance. Even a 1% saving on fuel costs can save an airline $250,000 per aircraft per year.


Priva delivers installations for climate automation and process automation in the horticulture and building automation markets. It relies on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver the best quality to customers, while ensuring a smooth operational experience.

By automating processes, they have reduced turnaround time while IoT deployment has made internal processes more integrated and collaborative they are accessible anytime, anywhere.

What’s more, it can roll out updates and improvements to all branch offices at once, virtually.


As a large commercial and industrial products manufacturer, Kohler Co. has 50 factories in disparate locations across multiple continents.This large footprint can be very challenging to manage efficiently, especially when new developments come online, or things change quickly.

Often, this would result in large quantities of generic emails arriving from Italy, Spain, France, Morocco and the UK, which then had to be managed and routed manually on a per-country basis. This was over-complicated, time-consuming and prone to human error.

Kohler Co. solved this issue by implementing a Microsoft Office 365 email management system incorporating elements of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales solution. The resulting cloud-based approach, routed Office 365 communications to their relevant accounting or services sub-team, saving significant resource and cost.


With technology continuing to advance at lightning speed, manufacturers must act now to ensure long-term business well-being. Digitization is here to stay, and those willing to embrace it in their operational models are already reaping the rewards.

It’s understandable to be daunted by the speed and extent of this change – even nervous of it. But with the right strategy and partnerships in place, technology can deliver extraordinary benefits for productivity, profitability and service levels, right across the supply chain.


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