Innovation, the development of new processes and implementation, empowers companies to adapt to an ever-changing market. On the flip side, inattention to maintenance of your company’s infrastructure leads to headaches.

Both innovation and maintenance play an essential part to keep a company competitive.  Maintenance keeps your company efficient. And innovation empowers you to keep up with the ever-changing market.  But how do you effectively invest in both?  What is appropriate the balance of innovation and maintenance? Where do you compromise? Or is the better question: is it necessary to compromise?

This blog post touches on the importance of both sides and then suggests a solution on how a business can leverage both innovation and maintenance.

The Case for Maintenance

A company cannot survive on innovation alone. Reliability of technology helps drive business continuity. In other words, regularly scheduled monitoring and maintenance on your systems is a critical requirement of keeping your technology running at peak efficiency. Unscheduled downtime of these systems can result in production stops, idle employees, late deliverables to customers and significant costs for emergency repairs.

Protect Your Data from Disaster

Disaster recovery is a pillar in a solid maintenance plan. It considers scenarios for different types of natural disasters, such as a fire, and technical disasters. When you create a disaster recovery plan, it takes time to identify and prepare each type of disaster.

Updates as Part of Maintenance

The purpose of updates is to keep your system healthy by fixing security weaknesses and imperfect application code. Teams who neglect to keep up with system updates, very likely will experience compounding performance issues.

Innovation Drives Your Company Ahead

While maintenance is essential for business success, innovation helps your company stay relevant to the dynamic global market. Innovation isn’t a concept confined by startups and entrepreneurs. And it’s not a phenomenon that requires mountains of capital or investment to sustain it. Innovations requires a commitment of time and focus, without letting your existing business implode. Innovation doesn’t just happen, but a skill that team members learn.

Use Global Managed Services to Balance Both Innovation and Maintenance

In every company, time and resources are limited. Mandating your IT team to take care of every day issues, while investing the required time to develop innovations, can stretch your IT department thin, resulting in less than stellar results. Partnering with a managed service provider can help your company do both.

Here is how using a Global Managed Services Partner can help your business:

  • Enhance your current team. Partnering with a managed services provider complements your existing IT team. A  global managed service provider monitors performance levels and works with you to provide proactive support.
  • Protect your level of efficiency and improve infrastructure. Your technology’s performance can be improved up with updates and recommendations in adding new servers and storage. When your system is updated, a great managed services provider will ensure system stability with every update.
  • Deep knowledge of your systems. HSO Global Managed Services are focused on Microsoft-centered products, which lends specific expertise in your Microsoft systems. Our support teams possess in depth knowledge in functionalities, customizations and update history. This level of knowledge produces quick turnaround for solutions to service tickets.


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  • Around the clock support. A great managed services partner will be available when your team members need assistance, 24/7. The speed of your business shouldn’t stop, but if your in house IT department, who have traditionally been resolving service tickets, are out of the office, your other team members are at a technological standstill.
  • Reduced risk. With Global Managed Services, operational coverage monitors critical systems. Any outages are taken care of even when you’re sleeping. Our support teams constantly are constantly monitoring you system to decrease the risk of downtime. Managed services also help prepare for data recovery in the event of a disaster.

When trying to accomplish two critical directives, such as innovation and maintenance, your business doesn’t have to accomplish both goals alone. The key is to find a partner who can help your IT department do what they do best. A great managed services provider is a reliable partner in keeping your systems and data running, so your business can focus on staying ahead of your competition.


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