Many enterprise-level businesses are behind the curve in their budgeting and reporting software. According to a McKinsey report, about two-thirds of finance respondents reported that 25 percent or less of their operations have been digitized. Does your organization mirror this statistic? Is very little of your financial operations digitized, integrated and as effective as it can be?

Our upcoming February 26 webinar addresses how to better enable your finance operations with add-on modules to augment your Dynamics platform. Here are our top five reasons why you should attend:

1. Your staff is spending too much time trying to work with finance software that just doesn’t work for you.

Even if your company has deployed an ERP with financial budgeting and reporting modules, your employees may still be resorting to using paper to manually complete their tasks. Maybe too many errors pop up in your system. Or your budget tracking system isn’t intuitive, so your staff doesn’t use it the way it’s supposed to. Maybe your staff has given up trying to figure out how to use it, causing them to fall back on using an excessive number of excel spreadsheets.

How our webinar can help: Learn how to digitize your systems in a way that enables your financial operations, instead of staying with a system that hinders your business processes.

2. Pulling reports is like pulling teeth.

Gone are the days where pulling reports take anywhere from two days to two weeks. Running reports in your budgeting software solution should be easy and done quickly. Democratize analytics by deploying a self-service approach where everyone has access to data visualization tools to easily pull reports. By giving everyone self-service tools to all employees, all levels of management have access to reports that provide various degrees of detail.

How our webinar can help: Leverage powerful Microsoft-based data visualizations with Power BI.

3. New regulations and compliance issues pose new challenges everyday.

New rules and regulations mean that you need to change your business processes to stay in compliance. That also means you may change the type of data you capture and report. Whether it pertains to complex tax processes or industry specific compliance issues, your financial modules need to be customizable to meet these challenges.

How our webinar can help: Stay compliant with solutions that are easy to tailor, extend, and connect.

4. Your company is growing faster than your current financial system can handle.

Acquisitions, consolidations and penetrating different global markets pose unique challenges for your company. Legal implications, personnel and resource re-allocations, controlling risks are only a few factors you need to juggle. Your budgeting and reporting software is one of the last things on your mind. Yet, it is still crucial to help smooth the transition into the next phase of your company. You need to know that you can customize your budget planning software as your business processes changes. In other words,  your financial tools need to grow as you grow.

How our webinar can help: Learn how to quickly handle multi-company consolidations, eliminations, allocations and foreign currency translations as your company grows.

5. You need unsiloed-real time data to make solid decisions.

Siloed systems can provide data only to limited sections of the whole business. Accurate, real-time reports is a crucial ingredient to make good resource-allocation decisions. Often businesses don’t have access to the necessary data because stores of data are divvied up in different parts of a company. In those cases, data formats are incompatible or completely unavailable.

You need comprehensive data in your budgeting and reporting software to make sales forecasts, lower operational costs and identify growth areas.

How our webinar can help: Learn how to integrate data from all points of your business to make well informed decisions to help your company save money and grow revenue.

Do any of the above pain points hit home for you? Learn more now fix them by watching our on-demand webinar, How to Improve Your Budgeting and Reporting in 2019.

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