From the Internet of Things to Big Data and Predictive Analytics, there are many changes in store for technical service providers.

And that’s a good thing, because there are many processes that could run more efficiently, such as scheduling the deployment of field technicians and improving your overall service plan. Customer preferences are also changing and the number of complaints is increasing proportionately.Connected Field Service provides opportunities to respond more effectively to the changing needs of the customer and to gain insight into business processes. For those organizations looking to improve their operations, we offer three areas of focus for quick wins:

1.     Improve customer relations with a customer dashboard

The more data you collect on your customers, the more insight you have into their preferences, which lead to more relevant actions and an increase in your sales. However, today’s customer is very attached to their data and reluctant to part with it, so you need to offer them something of value in exchange for this data. For instance, the customer might like a real-time view of the service provider’s location and details of the exact time when the technician will arrive. The customer might also be interested in seeing how much of an influence ‘last week’s maintenance’ actually had. When the customer has access to a customer dashboard with insight into all this information, they will be more inclined to share their data with your company. All of this data can be used to spot and predict trends, which can be used to respond more accurately to customer preferences improving your relationship with the customer. 

2.     Make the customer’s life easier with predictive maintenance

In the past, it was perfectly acceptable for customers of installation, service and maintenance companies to pay for the work done on an hourly basis in case of a malfunction. But today’s customer’s expect more, and are looking for peace of mind with complete solutions, predictive maintenance and performance contracts. Using real-time insight to see the status of in-house devices used at the customer’s company, predictive maintenance can be applied. This means that the data that a device provides can be used as an indicator of when a certain component needs to be replaced or when a malfunction has occurred. Predictive maintenance plays an important role within the industries we operate. When data is exchanged through Machine Learning, the device or component itself can also indicate that it needs to be replaced. If this is the case, an appointment can be automatically scheduled, assigning a technician with the right skills to fix the problem even before the customer has noticed there was one.

3.     Implement a Field Service solution and generate insights

An integrated Field Service solution is crucial to gain a comprehensive overview of all the opportunities that Connected Field Service provides. Insight and information are key in all processes. It is important for technical service providers to have a Field Service solution that connects seamlessly to business-critical systems. Connected Field Service makes it possible to optimize the management of employees working outside the office and provides a solution for technicians who work outside the company. How do you ensure that the right technician with the right skills will be present at the right place at the right time, with access to the right information? Learn how in our white paper: Seven Reasons to Embrace Connected Field Service.

In this ever-changing environment, it’s critical to keep up with the latest technological innovations to improve your field service operations. Learn how HSO’s solutions through Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help pave the way to better customer satisfaction and improved ROI, turning your field service center into a profit center.