Application Management

You've invested valuable time and resources into your enterprise technology, and the job doesn't stop after you go live. Are you protecting that investment by ensuring your applications are well managed?

With HSO's application management services, we dedicate the resources you need to ensure the smooth operation, maintenance and upgrade of your business critical technology - from tracking patches to fully outsourced management of your Dynamics environment.

Keep your applications running error-free

Problems and errors can come from a variety of sources and not all causes are obvious. One of the most irritating scenarios is when you see the same recurring problem or error. You need someone on your team who has the time and resources to analyze what causes recurring incidents. Problem management finds the root causes for problems and proposes a solution. Sometimes the solution may involve adjustments to your software or the need to clean your data.

Manage employee access

You could be hiring dozens to hundreds of employees at a time—all who need licenses to utilize applications daily. We provide information to help you make the best decisions for your company in licensing matters. Managing licensing and provisioning facilitates the licensing procedure with Microsoft and any third-party products, keeping into consideration the specific needs of your company.  And with license management taken care of, you don’t have to personally deal with the administration, activation, configuration and maintenance of product licensing.

Protect your data against disasters

Reduce the risk of data loss and speed recovery time when disasters outside your control impact your applications. Consistent application and data backups require configuration and testing. These tasks are crucial to ensure that complete data restoration goes smoothly. Protecting your data in this way also supports your overall data security strategy.

Industries that benefit from Application Management



Keep your production lines running smoothly by making sure your applications are working optimally.


Field Service

Make sure your field technicians have the permissions they need on their mobile applications to get the job done right the first time.


Energy, Oil & Gas

Your complex operations need applications with keep up with you and your teams across geographical locations.



Create a customer experience your clients will love with up-to-date applications that is reliable and works the way you want it to.

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