Big Data and analytics promises tools to help you give a more accurate view of your operations and make more insightful decisions. How do you translate the opportunities data offers into daily practice? The right tools open a world of possibilities.

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Discover our range of analytics services:

With our pragmatic approach, HSO can make your IoT project a reality in six weeks. Experience what the Internet of Things can do for your organization

We analyze your data and use models, machine learning and/or predictive algorithms to answer your questions. We also integrate dashboards with your Dynamics 365 solution.

Performing maintenance before issues occur offers incredible efficiency gains. HSO can help you equip your machines with sensors and make the switch to predictive maintenance. 

HSO’s DNA Framework is the missing link between requirement and reality and lays the foundation for all Advanced Analytics ambitions. With the DNA Framework, all your different data sources come together in a single data platform. We use solutions like Azure Data FactoryAzure SQL Database and Azure Automation to bridge the gap between individual data sources and true insight. 

Dashboard in a Day offers two different Power BI Training Sessions: Power BI in a Day and Power BI in an Hour. We share essential knowledge about Power BI, revealing how our organization can use Power BI. 

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