Advanced Analytics helps you find ways to innovate better

Your data offers a wealth of opportunities with data visualization letting you create dashboards to monitor company processes in real time. With data integration, you can combine and integrate data from many different sources harnessing the power of your myriad of IoT datapoints. Analytics also lets you track your machines in real time, predict when maintenance will be needed, analyze your customers’ purchase amounts and offer even better services. This Big Data offers endless possibilities for manufacturing, field service, distribution, oil & gas and rental services.

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Gathering data is the first step, but your goal is of course to get actionable insights from that data. To do this, you need a new data infrastructure and the right analytics software. It’s relatively easy to view data after the fact using dashboards and reports, however proactively using your data, with predictive models or machine learning for instance, is the next step.

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Industries that benefit from advanced analytics (IoT)


Field Service

IoT analytics allow you to anticipate predicted product failures by allowing you to understand in real-time what’s happening to your customer's equipment.



As a manufacturer, technology holds the key to greater productivity, increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and higher customer satisfaction.


Energy, Oil & Gas

Advanced analytics provides deep insights to help boost your productivity, reservoir capacity, so you can make more profit while spending less.



Maximize mobility, operations and revenue in your rental business using our rental management solutions.

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