Effective tender management means making optimum use of knowledge, networks and data.

Every tender management process is a complex series of risk, project and stakeholder management. Winning a project is no longer a matter of chance or award, it depends on how you control all of the details in this process.

From relationship management and social selling to document management, efficient collaboration and advanced data applications. Effective tender management means making optimum use of knowledge, networks and data.


HSO are delighted to announce their recent association with the APMP | The Association of Proposal Management Professionals. We look forward to meeting its members and talking to them about overcoming complexities in the tender management process.

APMP Bronze Sponsorship

A tender management solution is a must have

Tender management differs greatly from standard sales processes because multiple stakeholders are often involved with large requirements, tendering more and more in joint ventures and projects, which in turn, become more complex, with high risks.

A specialised tender management solution that makes the complexity transparent and manageable is therefore a necessity. Investing in managing and guaranteeing the tender management process is therefore essential.

4 tips for effective tender management


Bet on projects with the highest chance of winning

Projects increasingly include maintenance and service. Does your project remain profitable even after completion? And do you know which partners you have a greater chance of winning with? Internal and external data provide insights into potential projects with the highest returns.


Integrate risk management in the tender process

Make risk management an integral part of your tender management process. Using your authorisation procedures, you can register and manage risks based on clear facts and agreements via the Tender Management system.


Link the back-end to your tender management system

A link between projects and the ERP system is essential to provide decision-makers with insight into risks and calculations. Dynamics Tender Management allows you to map planning, required resources and production capacity in advance.


Stakeholder management and social selling

To “get to the table” as early as possible, it is important to know which projects are starting and who is involved. Social selling allows you to gain insights into your network and a firm grip on the process of influencing, before, during and after the project.