In the larger picture of a typical supply chain, the value of maintenance for buildings, plants, machinery, and vehicles is often overlooked. Yet without reliable maintenance of this critical equipment, your business can quickly come to a halt. 

During the last 12 months, it turned out that many things that we thought were once impossible are now not only possible, but required. Because of the urgency to facilitate remote work and keep production levels moving, smart maintenance solutions, such as remote assist, started becoming adopted at an accelerated rate. This has allowed companies not only to improve their services during the lockdown, but to develop new business models.

The main advantages of Smart Maintenance

For companies in the manufacturing industry, better maintenance contributes to higher efficiency and continuous improvement, as well as:

  • Preventing downtime
  • Better safety and risk management
  • Higher customer satisfaction

For technical service providers, you’ll gain a key competitive advantage and differentiator, as well as:

  • Effective deployment of personnel
  • New payment models and improved financial stability
  • More sustainable and eco-friendly business operations

Learn more about HSO for Smart Maintenance and how we’re helping businesses like yours with industry-focused solutions leveraging award-winning Microsoft technologies. 


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5 Reasons to Embrace Better Maintenance

The global pandemic has significantly accelerated the need for remote monitoring and diagnostics of operations and assets. As the supply chain is impacted from all directions, maintenance can be the steady, reliable part of the puzzle that helps get things back on track. This post explores the top business drivers and challenges that can be addressed with better maintenance technology.

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How Manufacturers are Unlocking New Revenue Streams

Want to be able to predict your maintenance work? Or take your customer experience to the next level? By making smarter use of available maintenance data and combining it with IoT and external open data, applications are possible that we didn’t even dare to dream of 5 years ago.  This has allowed companies not only to continue and improve their services, but even to develop new business models. This post explores a few companies who have done just that.

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Which Maintenance Model is Right for My Business?

Traditional maintenance is built primarily on a reactive and preventive approach. When something breaks, you fix it. When it’s time to change the oil, you change it. The smart maintenance model includes reactive and preventive approaches, but goes further with remote, condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance, and cognitive maintenance. This post explores each approach and which is right for your business (and when).

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How to Get Your Maintenance IoT Project Up and Running

We see plenty of IoT, AI and Machine Learning initiatives at companies that want to work data-driven. These organisations hire data engineers and data scientists to get started with innovation. The bad news: many of these initiatives are stranded in the demo phase. Read on to learn how you can get past the proof-of-concept phase and ensure that your IoT project is fully adopted and supported by the business. 

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Your Partner for Smart Maintenance

As the supply chain is impacted from all directions, maintenance can be the steady, reliable part of the puzzle that helps get things back on track. Together with the possibilities of cloud technologies, manufacturers can now redefine the playing field.

No matter where your transformation starts, HSO has the experience, expertise, and scale to support your journey.

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