Modernising Manufacturing with HSO

HSO work in collaboration with manufacturing companies like yours to drive better outcomes like cost reduction, cost avoidance, increased market share and customer intimacy, employee retention and reskilling. We use the power of Microsoft technology to optimise your business processes and help you to take advantage of all the data available to you.

Become a smart factory and work with our experts to:

  • Drive intelligent outcomes from the data you already have
  • Connect your customers, supply chain and partners
  • Provide improved visibility across your organisation
  • Automate and streamline your business processes

Smart Factory of the Future - What it is & how to do it

Industry 4.0 has taken manufacturing to the next level, handing processes over to technology, smart machines, and artificial intelligence (AI). These transformations often happen in isolation, creating siloed environments that miss the bigger purpose of digitalisation. But when a company connects data among people, programmes and processes, this creates a digital Smart Factory of the Future.

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Welcome to… The Smart Factory of the Future

Smart factories are changing the face of manufacturing. Underpinned by 'Industry 4.0' - the Fourth Industrial Revolution - intelligent machines enable organisations around the world to produce more, higher quality inventory, in less time and at lower cost.

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Video Series

Smart Factory of the Future Video Series

The means of production has fundamentally transformed in recent times as industrial businesses evolve into digitally-connected, tech-enabled operations. Such a move brings a wealth of opportunities to drive productivity improvements, cost-savings, market differentiation, customer insights and new revenue streams. The challenge for businesses lies in how best to harness the disruptive force of these technologies and translate it into competitive advantage. The new Smart Factory of the Future video series will give you some inspiration.

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Connected Data

With the introduction of digital technologies, the use and collection of data has taken on new importance for manufacturers. Data from inside and outside the factory now has real value.

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Resilient Supply Chain

Resilience is about managing risk, its about understanding the likely challenges and having strategies place that mitigate or simply avoid those risks.

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Connect your business

Can your business be operated by most staff from anywhere? With a connected business almost all, (non-physical) aspects can be managed from anywhere with your team simply requiring an internet connection. Allowing your suppliers and partners to connect will help you to reduce their costs and allows your team to focus on offering value added activities.

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Workforce Management

Skills and the development of the workforce is key to sustaining a business and watching it thrive.

Empowering your teams to self-serve in their HR environment is now a minimum expectation of a modern business. But what drives business forward is the ability to be proactive in employee training and development to ensure you have correctly trained and skilled individuals to ensure compliance and capability whenever and wherever you need it.

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Customer Engagement

An accurate real-time picture of the status of your employee/customer/supplier relationships using Customer Engagement (CRM) technology, will provide you with insights so that you can drive performance and efficiency across your organisation.  Capturing all customer communication allows you to validate your assumptions on where your strong relationships might be and drive increased customer satisfaction, loyalty  and revenue for your business.

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Digital Innovation

Digital innovation is the secret source that unlocks the full potential of your business.

There are many digital tools at your disposal. Talk to HSO about how to take advantage of some or all of the components and innovative new ways to improve your service offerings, drive efficiency, profitability and sustainability of your business.

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Smart Factory of the Future Expert View Series

In our Smart Factory of the Future Expert View series, we discuss how technology can help you to overcome some of the most important manufacturing and service industry challenges. Learn how to realise the business benefits across the entire manufacturing value chain.

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What’s next?

If you would like HSO manufacturing and service experts to work with you and help you to approach business transformation using collaborative methods and tools to spark creative thinking and help you to become a connected factory of the future. Contact us today to discuss an “art of the possible” session.

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