Leaders in many organisations are currently faced with a complex situation for which there is no ready answer. Simply because we live in a unique moment that affects the way we work.

What choices do other companies make? How do they view the future of work and the workplace? How do executives think about collaboration and the connected workforce?

White paper: Workplace innovation in a post pandemic era

We provide insight in this white paper: Workplace innovation in a post pandemic era. Compiled by experts from Veldhoen + Company and HSO. They work with a wide range of companies and their leaders on a daily basis and immerse themselves in new ways of working, collaboration and workplace innovation. For the storyline of the report, a triptych in time has been chosen:

  • Workplace Innovation In A Post Pandemec Era HSOFirst response – What was the immediate response in early 2020?
  • Re-entering the office – A complex transition with differences between countries and work cultures
  • Future productivity and wellbeing – How are companies rethinking the future for their employees?


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