The impact the Coronavirus pandemic continues to have is as far-reaching as it is well-documented. For manufacturers, recent events have forced them to ask tough questions of their operations:

  • How agile are our production methods?
  • How flexible is our supplier network?
  • How secure is our customer base?
  • How quickly can we respond to new demand?

“Being able to predict and adapt relies as much on adopting the right mindset and creating cultures of innovation as it does using technology and data. Decision makers need to understand the technological and cultural barriers that prevent their organisation from becoming more agile in unison, and act to address them. In a world of heightened competition and ever-more demanding customers, the imperative has never been greater” – Henry Anson, Managing Director, The Manufacturer

Download our new whitepaper ‘Manufacturing Agility – Using Technology to Predict & Adapt’ and look out for the results of the 2021 Manufacturing Agility Assessment.


Manufacturing Agility - Using Technology to Predict & Adapt

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