Webinar: What can Dynamics 365 do for you?

Organisations that see opportunities for digital transformation, however small to begin with, should embrace them and effect change. These organisations are the leaders of the future.

Microsoft recently presented its latest generation of intelligent business applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365. Take a look at some of the key features of Dynamics 365 with HSO and how it can push your business forwards into the digital future.In this presentation, Kevin Horlock, from Microsoft,  explores the Microsoft journey into the digital future. Robin Coles, goes on to talk about the results we have already achieved with our Customers using this leading technology. Peter van Haaften, then continues by discussing the transition to Dynamics 365 from other platforms.


  • Welcome & introduction – Adrian McNay, Customer Service Director

  • The Microsoft journey into your digital future – Kevin Horlock, Microsoft

  • Enabling Dynamics 365 to address real world challenges – Robin Coles, Product & Technology Lead

  • Driving customer value with HSO – Robin Coles

  • Making your transition to Dynamics 365 – Peter van Haaften, Business Development Manager, Cloud Services

  • Summary & close – Adrian McNay