HSONA hosted a webinar called “The Internet of Everything.” The focus of this webinar was designed to be a little more educational than in the past. We explain some of the details around the Internet of Things – What it is, how it works, why it is important, and how it applies to you (and Rental Management specifically).

“The Cloud” is breathing new life into existing business processes and resources. With increasingly connected networks, gaining access to accurate, real-time data is crucial in reducing costs, prolonging asset lifespans, and maximizing utilization. Businesses that choose to adopt SMART, IoT technologies sooner rather than later will actualize their potential gains versus their competitors who do not.In under 15 minutes, HSO explores how IoT for Rental empowers:

  • Asset transparency for tracking, availability and operational status
  • Equipment monitoring, repair and preventative maintenance
  • GPS visibility for geo fencing and route planning
  • Equipment inspection via streamlined alerts and triggers
  • Real-time automation and optimized resource consumption

Unlock the Internet of Everything with HSO!