The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to transform and understand your data like never before, from multiple sources in an structured, consistent and digital way. Allowing you to exploit the information contained to maximum capacity, enabling you to obtain extensive insights, react and make timely decisions about your business.
It’s been described as the biggest update in the product’s history.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 began its roll-out in 2017.  Many of the updates have resulted from user based suggestions – showing both the power of the community and Microsoft’s eagerness to listen. 
Visit the Microsoft “Ideas” site for more information.At the core is the ability to embed Analytics into your business processes, together with the recognition that today’s business environment is one that is driven by content. The use of LinkedIn content as part of the process, together with the embedded Analytical capabilities drives insight, empowers decisions and tailors behaviour.
In addition, the move to a modular approach with specific focus on both Retail and Human Resources, the latter by way of the new Talent module, enables a quick start and a tailored approach to solving business problems.Join Adrian McNay, Director of HSO Customer Service and Robin Coles, HSO Product & Technology Lead, and Tracey Roberts, Solution Consultant as they help you to understand the art of what is possible to achieve with Dynamics 365 as you head into the world of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.

  • Introduction to the world of possibilities with HSO & Dynamics 365 – Adrian McNay
  • The unique differentiators of Dynamics 365 – Robin Coles
  • A focus on the feature rich industry experiences delivered by Dynamics 365 – Tracey Roberts
  • Faster decisions to achieve optimal outcomes, HSO’s investment in Dynamics 365 – Robin Coles
  • Summary & close – Adrian McNay


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