Peter van Haaften describes the challenges that companies face when migrating Microsoft Dynamics to the cloud. He reveals a world of additional opportunities that the Microsoft integrated platform will bring and shows you how beneficial they can be.
The way we do business is changing. Companies benefiting from cloud services are becoming more efficient, better informed, have increased their levels of customer engagement and are building excellent relationships for the future.

Find out how you can open up the world of Digital Transformation, when Peter van Haaften presents the benefits of moving to the cloud and how to get there.


  • The challenges you will face and the benefits you will reap.
  • What does it mean to re-invent your business process?
  • Make your business process come alive and do the work for you.
  • Is data really secure in the cloud?
  • How to handle your legacy systems during transformation.
  • How to “Digitally Transform” at a pace that suits your company.
  • HSO (Global) Support & Managed Services in relation to your Digital Transformation.

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