The Power Platform is Microsoft’s answer to empowering the wave of citizen developer tools. It puts the ability into your employee’s hands to create solutions that typically would have taken weeks of coding and a specific IT skill set, whilst allowing your IT team to maintain control.

Within the manufacturing industry there is a huge scope of improvements that can be tackled with the Power Platform to streamline your business processes, reduce manual processes, increase production flows and increase staff morale.

Join us on as we explore what the Power Platform is and how it can empower users within the manufacturing industry with some examples of solutions that you may expect to see on a factory floor, plus exploring the “art of the possible”.

Topics include:

  • What is the Power Platform?
  • Demonstration – Using Power Automate and Power BI to help manage your assembly teams
  • Demonstration – Using Canvas Apps to help with Non Conformance (or quality) items
  • The “art of the possible” using modern technology