When stores reopen, retailers can’t expect a seamless return to pre-coronavirus normality. They will need to :

  • reset cost structures
  • innovate the store experience
  • deliver intelligent customer service and insight
  • build more resilient supply chains
  • engage their colleagues
  • manage risk
  • optimise operations

According to McKinsey, retailers may find they need to deliver 20-30% improvement in productivity to compensate for the channel and consumer shifts. The Covid-19 crisis has severely escalated the case for change for the retail industry.

Forward-thinking retailers will redefine and re-evaluate themselves using innovative technology in order to anticipate their customers behaviours today and exceed their expectations tomorrow.

To help you, HSO has launched a powerful series of short, informative and thought-provoking videos made by our retail industry experts. They explore ways in which retailers can use innovative technology to fight back, and stay successful in post-pandemic times. You can’t afford to miss out.

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Video 1

How to improve your customer communication, in-store processes and logistics

Video 2

How to use your store as a fulfillment point for customer orders

Video 3

How to enable your customers to reserve items to collect from your stores

Video 4

Collaborating with suppliers

Video 5

How to use a mobile device to complete an initial stock count before store reopening

Video 6

How to use eReceipts to reduce person to person contact

Video 7

Managing a cap on the number of customers entering a store

Video 8

Link your website platform to your retail stores

Video 9

Issue returns refund before stock has been processed

Video 10

Reconnecting with your customers using Customer Insights

Video 11

Use installment billing to help your customers spread the cost of a purchase

Video 12

Using Dynamics 365 Commerce to enable same day Click & Collect

Video 13

Using Power Virtual Agents to reduce load on your Customer Services Department

Video 14

Product Recommendations

Video 15

How to transform existing product lines into new ones

Video 16

How to utilise the HSO store appointments app

Video 17

Keep your customers and staff safe in your stores by using footfall analysis

Video 18

Maintain your inventory management effectively by bringing siloed data together

Video 19

Managing part time furloughed staff

Video 20

Compliance around new store or warehouse procedures.

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