Even using well-designed ERP and CRM systems, organisations often find themselves carrying out certain processes using either effort-intensive manual methods, juggling multiple applications, or using applications for tasks they aren’t suited for. This leads to wastage of time, money and materials.

Microsoft’s Business Application Platform combines Dynamics 365, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to enable you to create apps that automate these processes, without using code or spending vast amounts on development and consultancy. What’s more, it connects users to cutting edge technology, such as machine learning text analytics.

Join Matt Gibson in this session, where he will cover the following:

  • Learn about how PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365 interact to form the Business Application Platform
  • Find out how the Business Application Platform empowers you to quickly develop apps that unify data from Dynamics 365, Office 365, and other applications to replace currently time-consuming business processes
  • See how development of these apps can take place without writing a line of code
  • Gain access to cutting edge technology such as machine learning without development costs
  • Discuss some practical uses of apps developed with this approach