In today’s omni-channel retail world, consumers will shop wherever they can have the most favourable and convenient shopping experience.

Real-time visibility into inventory across all channels is now a must for retailers in order to improve the customer experience. A single, holistic view of all inventory can help optimise order fulfilment, allocation and distribution. But how can this be achieved?

A distributed order management (DOM) system allows retailers to optimise order fulfilment across a complex network of systems and processes. It relies on a single, global view of inventory across the whole organisation to intelligently manage orders so that they are fulfilled accurately and in a more cost-effective manner.

In this short webinar, we’ll introduce the concept of DOM and demonstrate how Distributed Order Management available within Microsoft Dynamic 365 for Commerce can help you improve the efficiency of your supply chain to better meet your customers’ expectations.


  • An introduction to Distributed Order Management
  • The lifecycle of a sales order in a DOM system
  • Intelligent order orchestration – how to best match up demand with your stock and fulfilment locations
  • A demo of the Distributed Order Management workspace within Dynamics 365
  • Future enhancements on the Microsoft roadmap

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