Microsoft Azure | Dispelling the Myths

This powerful platform may be complex in nature and require some expertise to manage, but with meaningful assessment and careful road mapping, Azure will prove to be a great holistic solution for your business needs. Let’s take a look at the top five myths and check out the facts.

Azure Myths Infographic Screenshot


Some of the myths that are dispelled are:

  • Microsoft Azure is heavy on the purse strings
  • A public platform puts data sovereignty at risk
  • Azure will not perform as well as on-premise solutions
  • Azure features limit what can be achieved for my business

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How HSO can help

HSO can provide a safe pair of hands to help you take advantage of any new features in Microsoft Azure. By planning ahead in line with your IT roadmap and strategy, we can help remove the headache of sourcing internal skills needed to keep up with new releases. Either through our own Azure experts or support with training your teams.