In this benchmark report we share insights that help companies to be competitive in the manufacturing and technical services sector. In other words, what are the Drivers for Growth in these sectors?

We investigated the above together with Noventum and Microsoft in early 2020. By involving leading companies in the field in our research, we gained detailed insight into the status of these industries. In the study, we zoomed in on the following:

  • What are the front runners doing to stay ahead in a world increasingly dominated by services?
  • Drivers For Growth in ServiceWhat are successful service-oriented business models?
  • How can companies improve their services and thus achieve revenue growth?
  • How do market developments and trends influence the service process?
  • What role does technology play in the growth of services?

This 30-page report is packed with vision, predictions, propositions and insights. Do you want to compare your organisation to others in the market? Request the report using the form below:

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