Transformation starts with a few home truths – It’s time to look transformation in the eye

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Uncomfortable conversations are an essential part of successful transformation projects. Asking yourself difficult questions and, even more importantly, answering them truthfully will reveal where your company is right now and where you want it to be. Just like a fish might not recognise the water in which it swims, the act of probing your own organisation can be challenging without outside help. But business leaders who take the time to chase the questions down will be rewarded with a solid point of departure and an answer to the million-dollar question: Are you busy standing still, or are you focused on true transformation?

HSO has a dedicated team, based in the UK and are specialists in the support of Microsoft Dynamics AX from version 4 up to the current Dynamics 365 platform, including: D365 F&O, CE, Common Data Model, Common Data Services, Power Platform, incorporating the market leading Power BI and Modern Workplace Solutions, (M365).

Watch this video with Senior Engagement Manager, Brian Hynes to find out how HSO Managed Services provides an unrivalled service to its customers and can be the first step of a transformation journey.

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Technology transformation lessons from a CTO

An unprecedented digital transformation has followed the pandemic. Organisations have adapted faster than most thought possible. And this change has created many new opportunities, as you’ll discover.

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