Data plays a vital role within any retail organisation. Over the past decade there has been phenomenal growth in volumes, resulting in access to more data than ever before. Achieving insights often proves a challenge to many retail organisations, with data coming in different structures and sizes. The first hurdle that many retailers fail to overcome is that, by not including the complete data picture for driving key business decisions, they can’t know what questions to ask of their data.

Only asking known questions of your data is not enough in this fast evolving world. At HSO our approach towards Data & Analytics is to assist retailers in making informed decisions. Underpinned by data technologies, we help them improve efficiencies, alongside an understanding of how the monetisation of Data can lead to an increase in business performance, enabling them to become a forward-thinking, data driven retail organisation.

Topics include:

  • Why a Data Analytics Strategy is important
  • The journey to becoming a Data Driven retail organisation
  • Bringing Data together
  • Empowering your retail organisation with Insights, through the use of Data & Analytics