The modern trading environment for manufacturer is uncertain, full of disruption and highly competitive. Today’s customer expect on-demand services at speed and are not afraid to shop around to find the right product or service, but also the right engagement experience to securing their purchases. Increasingly, businesses are faced with customers demanding and prioritising experience over price and value over brand loyalty.

Join us for a 45 minute insight, where we will demonstrate where and how organisations can drive agility and proactive responsivity through the Microsoft Dynamics CE platform to address rapidly changing buyer and market conditions.

We will discuss and demonstrate the benefits of prioritising innovation and development of new digital approach to maintain a competitive edge and successfully meet future demands


  • Introducing HSO
  • Introduction & Demonstration of Business Scenarios
  • Automate Lead capture, tracking and distribution
  • Sales Opportunity and Quote management
  • Management Information and Pipeline reporting
  • Customer Case study
  • Q&A

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