Chrysal achieves international collaboration using cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics

To ensure that Chrysal’s high quality flower feed gets to its customers in a timely manner, the organisation relies heavily on its ERP systems. Due to the fact that several of the ERP solutions were outdated, Chrysal saw an opportunity to define a new strategy.

An important goal was to ensure a consistent way of working across all of their international locations. By choosing Microsoft Dynamics, Chrysal now reaps the benefits of a clear-cut ERP-solution with integration of the logistical flows between their many locations. Chrysal has been delivering high quality flower feed and care products for over 80 years to keep the quality of flowers and plants in optimal condition. The organisation has ten offices with 250 employees. Chrysal relies fully on its ERP-systems for logistical and purchasing processes. All ten international locations used to work with their own standalone systems.

Some of these systems were outdated and more importantly not everyone used the same software. This impacted efficiency and collaboration. As part of a strategic reorganisation Chrysal decided to specify one solution, as a template, that could be rolled out to the various locations over time. Microsoft Dynamics implemented by HSO offered the complete solution for Chrysal, in the cloud.

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