BERG, the international outdoor toy manufacturer and supplier of go-karts and trampolines, has selected HSO’s Customer Service to provide Managed Services & Support for their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. BERG chose HSO due to their vast amount of knowledge and expertise. HSO also provided support with the implementation and optimisation of RT WMS (Real Time Warehouse Management System), logistics and finance.

HSO optimises the RT-WMS functionality that now runs in Microsoft Dynamics at BERG. In addition, HSO has developed new functionality regarding kitting options. A stable and future proof environment is important for BERG. They are a service organisation with over 75 experts. HSO monitors all components of their ERP environment and supports questions and disruptions as the system is available 24/7 for BERG.

Renewed ecommerce platform

BERG also renewed its B2B webshop with HSO software partner, Sana Commerce. One of the main reasons for working with Sana Commerce is the integration with Microsoft Dynamics. The integrated system prevents a lot of extra actions, so that employees can work more efficiently. In addition, all of the information about order, appointments and stock is stored and available centrally.

Jorian Keij: ”Customers react positively to the new webshop. Order status/history, product information or stock status can now be located immediately by the customer. They find this information invaluable. We invited our customers to test the new system from the outset and get involved in the implementation. The customer is now more central to everything we do and we provide a much improved customer service.”

User friendly

“The new system is extremely user-friendly in terms of look and feel for both customers and employees. It’s like walking through a shop. 60% of our customers now know their way to our webshop. Hopefully that will be 70% before the end of the year,” says Jorian.

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