Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based services with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDKs (Software Development Kits), which allow you to add cognitive intelligence to applications, without extensive knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. With Azure Cognitive Services, you can add features to your applications such as facial recognition, speech recognition, emotion detection, and speech and language comprehension. 

Azure Cognitive Services makes AI accessible to everyone

With Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft is making new possibilities of AI available to everyone, including people who have no expertise in the field of machine learning. Examples of cognitive services are chatbots, but also facial recognition and converting spoken text into written and possibly even translated text. 

Azure Cognitive Services are divided into 5 categories: 

  • Vision: Recognise, identify, provide, index and moderate photos, videos and other visuals. 
  • Language: Allows apps to handle natural language with pre-built scripts. You can measure sentiment and recognise what users want. 
  • Speech: Convert speech to text and text to natural-sounding speech. You can translate one language to another and also enable speaker verification and recognition. 
  • Decide: Build apps that make recommendations for more informed and efficient decision making. 
  • Search: By adding Bing Search APIs to your apps, you can search billions of web pages, images, videos, and news articles with a single API call.