Power BI is an interactive business intelligence and data visualisation tool from Microsoft, developed especially for end users. Power BI consists of three parts: 

  • Power BI Desktop 
  • Power BI Service 
  • Power BI Apps 

A common workflow in Power BI starts with connecting data sources and editing and modelling the data using searches (queries). This allows you to create visual reports in Power BI Desktop. You then publish the report from Power BI Desktop to the Power BI service so that your colleagues in Power BI Service and on their phone or tablet can follow the report. Think of real-time insight into customer service statistics or stock movements. 

Power BI has more than a hundred standard connections with various data sources such as Azure SQL Database, SalesForce, MailChimp and Google Analytics, as well as non-Microsoft data sources, such as SAP. You can also create links with on-premise databases. After the import, you can edit your data using Power Query M so that you can model it. 

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