Cloud software solutions for non-profits: Win the cost and efficiency battle so you can advance your mission

As a non-profit, doing good is what you do. But the challenge lies in operating on a tight budget, often with a small staff—while continuing to deliver on your promises to those you serve. we know it’s hard to get it all done with tight budgets and limited resources.

In addition, no two non-profits are alike. Depending on who you serve, where your funding comes from, and how you interact with the community, your requirements can vary greatly. The right technology—designed and implemented by an expert partner—can help you meet those challenges.

Technology can be a powerful tool to help address the world’s most challenging issues. It can enable non-profit organisations to be more productive, more innovative, and ultimately, to drive greater societal impact. But technology often falls short of delivering everything you need.


Transformation lessons from a CTO

We talk to the CTO of HSO customer, British Heart Foundation, Ursula Dolton, to find out what challenges she faces and how Microsoft technology is helping overcome them.

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Our Non-profit Solutions

HSO’s solutions for non-profits leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to allow you to more effectively manage your entire client or case lifecycle in a manner that fits your needs and the way you operate instead of forcing you to adapt to an expensive “one-size-fits-all” (which doesn’t) solution.

Instead, you get what you need to advance your mission: a connected, flexible platform that lets you decide what functionality you want based on your requirements, time frame, and budget now — and makes it easy to add more when the time is right. Architect your own solution by choosing the functionality you need now:

Case Management –  Empower a client-first focus with a 360-degree view of your organisation, connecting with the right services, streamlining processes and improve reporting on spending and outcomes.

Constituent Management –  Keep everyone connected by maintaining complete pro­files of funders, volunteers, donors, and anyone associated with your organisation, identifying and tracking issues, and improving communications.

Finance & Accounting –  Handle finances responsibly with improved ability to manage funds, grants, and donations, set and monitor goals, and connect spending to outcomes.

Fundraising and Engagement –  Secure and grow financial support by attracting, maintaining, and deepening donor relationships, improving engagement, and increasing credibility.

Supply Chain Management –  Get supplies where they need to go efficiently by mak­ing cost-effective procurement decisions, managing fluctuating costs, and optimising resources to stretch tight budgets.

With your solution your way, you operate more efficiently while continuing to advance your mission — with the foundation in place to add more functionality as need and budget allows. You empower your staff and partner agencies with a deeper, tighter control and view of financials, grants, cases, donors, and volunteers, as well as predictive analytics that only the cloud can offer.

Powered by Microsoft and committed to non-profit success

By pulling together disparate data sources and eliminating data silos, this technology applies the integrated cloud capabilities of the Microsoft stack to the most common challenges you face, including constituent engagement and fundraising, staff collaboration, and volunteer management.

With powerful insights into your data, you can connect, embed, or extend Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to support core processes like program delivery, constituent and volunteer management, fundraising, impact measurement, and more systems that any non-profit, regardless of size, needs to help deliver more powerfully and advance their mission.

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