Are you getting the most from your relationships with those who support you?

Non-profit organisations depend on the generosity of their supporters, from volunteers and partners to donors and sponsors. If you are unable to attract and keep them engaged and involved, you risk losing a valuable support system and badly needed funds. You need a solution that enables you to maximise these relationships.

Built on a foundation of Microsoft, including Dynamics 365. HSO’s solutions for Constituent Management utilise Cloud technology to stay connected, including:

  • Ensure those who help achieve or benefit from the mission stay informed
  • Maintain complete profiles of individuals, profiles, and organisations
  • Identify and track issues and the programs that target them
  • Improve communication with funders, volunteers, donors, partners, and communities to gain and retain support
  • Mobilise your volunteer force with calls to action through various mediums to reach diverse set of people, targeted for specific initiatives or events

Digital intelligence for timely engagement

The Microsoft Cloud for Non-profit and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Non-profit accelerator pull data from different sources and eliminate data silos, which enables you to gain powerful insights into your data. With digital intelligence on your side, you can engage at the right time, in the right place, in the right way to earn support for life.

You need an end-to-end business solution that spans from the data centre to the back office to the front office to your constituents. With HSO’s Constituent Management, you can align your people, processes, and technology to all work as one toward a common goal.

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