You probably already have all the tools you need to do it.

It’s such a shame …

… and an almost criminal waste of money.

Most companies are unwittingly paying for the unused solutions to the very problems which dog them day in and day out.

So, even though you’re unaware, it’s very likely you are too.

To find out and then take full advantage of what you discover, I urge you to arrange your FREE, no obligation, 1 hour consultation.

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What is your hidden “Software Saviour”?

You already know and trust Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and Windows 10.

And you may know all of these are bundled together in Microsoft 365 – which used to be called Office 365.

But what you probably don’t know is as well as your regular workhorses, Microsoft 365 also includes a host of incredibly useful apps and tools.

And even if you do know, the chances are you and your colleagues aren’t using them as effectively as possible, or making common mistakes with them – some of which may have serious ramifications for your business’ security.

I estimate not 1 in 100 companies enjoy anything close to maximum value  from these tools. Even worse, those who ‘dabble’ make serious mistakes – I’ll explain these security scares in just a moment.

– Sergio Giusti, Modern Workplace Lead

Now let me ask you: “Does your company suffer from any of these 4 common workplace problems?”

1. Has your productivity hit a wall?

Are you frustrated with inefficiencies that are impossible to solve?

Mastering “PowerApps” gives you endless new breakthroughs.

If productivity is your bugbear, during your consultation let me explain what PowerApps does for your company.

How you build custom applications to solve endless problems, such as:

  • Managing HR queries
  • Automating expense requests
  • Reporting accidents and injuries

… ALL without a single line of code.

Why not give your apps artificial intelligence? PowerApps’ A.I. Builder lets you.

Use it to create some unbelievable solutions.

For example, build an app to collect important inventory information – simply by taking a photograph of your stock.

Or make accurate predictions based on customer purchases and how they move around your store.

“A Forrester study found PowerApps reduced app development costs 74%. And using it correctly produced an average 188% ROI.”

To discover what you can achieve with PowerApps, book your free, no obligation, 1 hour consultation.

2. Is your data scattered across different silos and spreadsheets?

“PowerBI” organises and analyses everything for you at once.

And it presents this information visually, helping you make accurate decisions fast.

Your data is arguably your business’ most valuable asset, and it grows at breakneck speed.

In 2020, the average person created a disk spinning 1.7MB of data per second.

So you must ensure you’re using it properly.

Your data comes from your customers, suppliers, employees, inventories – everywhere else you can imagine.

Power BI immediately finds new connections throughout it.  And translates them into actionable insights nobody in your company could ever reveal on their own.

It could help you too – arrange your free, no obligation consultation now.

3. Are your people manually – and repeatedly – performing the same time sapping tasks?

Let “Power Automate” free all of you from the shackles of repetitive busywork in Outlook, Excel, SharePoint and more.

It also connects to “Virtual Agents” in “Power Platform”, so you can schedule customer or employee requests automatically.

For example, suppose your customer has a maintenance request.

Your website’s chatbot asks about their problem …

… finds the most suitable helper based on your employees’ availability …

… with the appointment scheduled, your employee is notified and the task added to their calendar.

Meanwhile, your customer receives a confirmation email with a link to the call.

   Everything handled instantly – without anyone lifting a finger.

If you’re not using this feature, some – maybe all – of your colleagues are almost certainly working too hard.

So please arrange your free, no obligation consultation now.

And don’t waste another second on tasks your software can free you from:

4. Are you wasting hours bogged down in a swamp of emails?

Microsoft Teams lets everyone in your company access work, schedule meetings and discuss projects – from one easy portal.

The time savings are incredible.

Used correctly it’s shown to save everyone 140 minutes every week.

However, don’t get started with Teams on your own, it’s a big mistake:

  • Groups are created in the cloud with no security plan to keep data contained.
  • Sensitive information is leaked to the wrong people – even to outside parties.
  • Compliance risks compound, as nobody knows who’s responsible for what.

I’ve even seen staff using Teams without I.T. knowing!

This has been a huge problem since the pandemic.

Everyone was in a rush to try new things without a careful plan.  This results in nobody working with the proper guidelines and blueprints.

It’s a compliance catastrophe waiting to happen.

Is this problem affecting your business, or are you worried about it – you should be?

You must take urgent action and book your free, no obligation consultation.

But I still haven’t scratched the surface of what’s possible …

There’s so much more to tell you about how Microsoft 365 lets you do more, communicate & collaborate better and automate those time sapping tasks.

But because what it can do is so vast, not everything may be relevant to your company.  And I don’t want to make you wade through pages of irrelevant words looking for the answers to your problems.

Which is why I’m offering you this FREE, no obligation, 1 hour consultation.

It begins with you telling me your biggest workplace challenges.

Then over the next 60 minutes, we’ll dissect your problems.

Finally, I’ll give you a detailed prescription to cure them all.  How to get everyone using these tools correctly. And how to make your improvements permanent.

    I guarantee you’ll find this time well spent.

Just do one thing differently after and you’ll be amazed with the results:

According to Forrester, these improvements save employees an average 464 minutes per week. That’s like getting an extra weekday from everyone in your company.

Why you should listen to me

As I’m sure you understand Microsoft will only partner with the very best companies.

The highest level of this is becoming a “Gold Partner”.  To achieve this, companies must demonstrate they are “best in class”.

Here at HSO we are a 35 year Microsoft Gold Partner.  And Microsoft’s 2020 Partner of the Year.

I’m not telling you this to boast.  I want you to feel comfortable talking to me and to understand I know every details of the apps and tools we’ll talk about.

Whatever your problem – productivity, collaboration, communication or automation – this FREE, no obligation, 1 hour consultation has your answers.

You surely agree it makes sense to get the maximum value from all your resources.

Your free consultation helps you do exactly this – with tools you quite likely already have and are paying for.

There really is no good reason to delay.

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