Your shop floor is a valuable resource.

When you launch new ideas, they see exactly how customers respond. And they know instinctively how your operation relates to customer needs. Even so, most retailers are disconnected from these extraordinary insights.

Tasks are passed down from one manager to the next. You cannot quickly know what worked, what didn’t and why. To make matters worse, there’s no common record of what needs to be done.

Everyday tasks, like stock checks and product recalls, are easily overlooked.

Mistakes are more likely right where your customers see you.

Fortunately using one tool correctly solves all these problems.

Microsoft Teams puts everyone on the same communication platform

Everyone accesses Teams from their mobile device. Send requests, provide feedback, collaborate and manage tasks from a single hub.

It’s all 100% secure.

Staff are placed into ‘Groups,’ controlling who can access what.

This also makes for rapid communication. 

Filter staff by region, location, store size, department and more. Send tasks directly to the right people every time. All your outstanding tasks are effortless to manage. Prioritise them in order of importance.

Attach relevant materials – in any format – to get things done fast. It’s also invaluable when onboarding new recruits. Add instructions and video tutorials, helping them learn on the job.

You don’t even chase anyone for updates. Once a task is complete, employees update the system with a single click. Your office sees everything unfold in real time.

Discover unique insights which other retailers miss

If you want, Teams also gives employees the ability to report back. This makes it an excellent tool for gathering in-the-trenches research.

Want to know how a new display or promotion is working?

Have staff share their firsthand experiences with customers. They can post photographs from around your store to illustrate important points. Use Teams’ chat feature to leave questions and comments.  Or hold quick video meetings with managers on the fly. Once you’ve isolated a problem, solving it is easy.

Because Teams also connects to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Build new custom tools to make your shop floor automatically more productive

One amazing example comes from Office Depot.

During Covid-19, they launched a new curbside pickup service within 48 hours.

By connecting Teams to Virtual Agents, they built a solution anyone can use – with minimal training.

  • When customers place an order, the task is created and sent to the correct group.
  • After preparing orders for pickup, employees update the system with one click.
  • The customer receives an automated email with a simple ‘I’m here’ button.
  • When the customer arrives, they click the button. The shop floor is alerted and the package is delivered.

The entire process is automatic, effortless and secure.

And see how Teams improves your internal communications

No more bulky radios or shouting instructions through a loudspeaker. With Team’s Walkie Talkie app, every interaction is secure and discreet. Select the group – or individual – you wish to reach. Hit the Walkie Talkie’s ‘push to talk’ (PTT) button. Your voice sounds on their device without disturbing anyone else.

But that’s not all …

You can use Teams to speed up common HR tasks.

In this video, HSO’s Sergio Giusti, explains how to use Shift Tracker.

Staff clock in, schedule breaks and clock out using their mobile device. As Teams collects your shift information, it sends it to your finance department for processing.

It saves HR hours of manual hassle.

IKEA’s Deputy Marketing Manager, Fabian Haeberlein, estimates this tool saved ONE store $37,700.

And you probably have Teams in your current license!

Nevertheless, whatever you do… Don’t open Teams until you’ve scheduled your free HSO consultation below

And if you are using Teams, speak to an HSO expert this minute.

Too many retailers start using Teams without a secure setup in place.

Data is leaked to the wrong departments (and even outside parties). New groups are created without considering the operation’s structure. This makes communication needlessly inefficient. Meanwhile, compliance issues – like GDPR breaches – are frighteningly common.

When it’s used poorly, this readily available tool becomes horribly expensive.

Your HSO expert saves you from making any dangerous mistakes.

And your consultation is free – with absolutely no obligation.

So please don’t wait another moment. Use the form below to begin.

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