Do your donors know how their money is advancing your mission?

Non-profits have bigger hurdles to navigate–from tight budgets and limited resources to dealing with the ebb and flow of donor funds and growing competition for those pounds. Today, there are even more challenges; with the pandemic, collaborating with donors and reaching potential donors has become more difficult than perhaps ever before.

Another complication: changing donor expectations. Today’s donors want more professional and personalised experiences when making donations, especially donations with a higher dollar amount. Not only is this relationship with you key to the donor, but the impact of their donations on your organisation and mission is very important.

You need a single, unified system to track donations and the impact that these donations have on each program–not only for your organisation, but also for your donors. This system should be able to track and organise communications to help you figure out the best channel to engage with each donor as well as how to engage with them. The ability to analyse each relationship so you understand and gauge the health of that relationship helps drive that personalisation, especially for a major gift donor. It can also help you determine the right people to focus on at the right time.

Fundraising and Engagement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales supports the most common fundraising scenarios across multiple donation types and channels, providing non-profits of all types and sizes with key capabilities, enabling you to:

  • Attract, retain, & deepen donor relationships
  • Increase credibility
  • Modernise communications to improve engagement
  • Streamline processes to ensure timeliness of engagement

Built with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Fundraising & Engagement enables your marketing team to plan and execute informed campaigns, while your finance staff, database administrators, and business analysts can benefit from better payment processing, data management, and actionable business intelligence powered by Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

In addition, as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering, Fundraising & Engagement is integrated and aligned with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Customer Insights, Dynamics 365 Finance (ERP) and Sales (CRM), along with the Power Platform. All work together to deliver proactive insights for reporting, which helps you strengthen relationships and uncover new opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Use artificial intelligence for deeper insights and personalise engagement to attract and retain donors and encourage them to increase their donations
  • Drive fundraising efficiencies and reduce costs by automating processes
  • Get visibility into fundraising and financial outcomes in real time by tracking donations and pledges in a single, centralised repository
  • Make it easier to donate with self-help/self-service offerings
  • Instil confidence in your donors with complete transparency into your organisation and how their money is being used

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