We are very excited to announce that the HSO Field Service “Dynamics Matters” Podcast series is officially live across the web!

We have bought together a group of senior field service management professionals and probed some of the most pressing topics facing the industry today.

Thanks go to all of our experts for being our guests on the show. We know that our audience is going to learn a ton from the episodes.

Do let us know if you have any questions about the podcast series or connected field service in general – We are happy to help!

How your business can benefit from mixed reality

The term Mixed Reality was introduced in 1994, used in reference to the merging of real and virtual worlds. Its practical applications have long been wide ranging and difficult to define, particularly in commercial value terms. But today, Mixed Reality, through tools such as Microsoft HoloLens, offers businesses new ways to reduce time and money in creating and supporting new products, as we’ll look into in this edition of the Dynamics Matters podcast with Microsoft’s Global Sales Director for Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality, Anna Waight.

What is Smart Maintenance & how do you get started?

By the end of 2021, 90% of manufacturers will have invested in technology to improve resiliency. 20% of those will start to treat assets as internal customers to reduce downtime 40%. And by 2023, 20% of industry will support EaaS (Everything as a Service), with remote IoT. So what does this mean for manufacturers? We find out how to extend the life of factory assets to minimise production disruption whilst reducing operating costs in this, the latest edition of the Dynamics Matters podcast series.

The benefits of automation in the field service industry

The field service management software market is growing, fast. According to recent estimates, the FSM market is currently worth $3.5b and expected to hit $5.9b by 2024. And it’s clear why. Advancements in technology is enabling automation of traditionally manual services. In this podcast we discuss why automation in field services important and the advantages it provides.

Managing the complexities of the blended workforce

Your closest tech support could be 100 miles away. Let’s face it, you’re not going to have your technician travel 200 miles every day to service one customer. It’s just not cost effective. That’s where a blended workforce comes in. We discover the benefits to taking a blended workforce approach in the latest edition of the Dynamics Matters podcast.

How technology delivers safety in the field workforce

Whether up pylons or deep underground, with heavy machinery or surrounded by explosive materials – field service engineers can be found in all manner of hazardous environments. More often than not, they are working alone whilst doing it. For this reason, staff-safety is one of the best reasons for investing in a field service management system – sometimes even ahead of the ROI discussion, as we discuss in this podcast.

Why prevention is better than cure

It is said that prevention is better than cure. And when it comes to field service organisations, taking preventative action means identifying and resolving problems with expensive assets before they can cause problems. But what technological advancements in field service has enabled organisations to predict issues before they arise, and then go about resolving them. Learn how far field service technology has come in the latest edition of the Dynamics Matters podcast.

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