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In the world of fashion and lifestyle, developments come thick and fast. Consumers are becoming more fickle, what’s trendy today could be out tomorrow so today’s companies need smart merchandise planning and new collection marketing. New technology and big data can help you quickly identify new trends and also plays a key role in inventory management. As volumes decline, it’s important that you are not left with surplus inventory, so the right stock information and insight into inventory in the chain (in transit, for example), is essential.

Success in the retail, fashion and lifestyle sector is all about the right omnichannel approach. This means providing customers with the right information and a uniform service, regardless of the channel: online, mobile, or customer service. More and more companies are skipping multiple links in the supply chain such as shoe factories with their own web stores, and more retail and wholesale companies are taking manufacturing into their own hands by developing their own collections. This is made possible by smart and accessible technology.


An interview with Sally Salon Services

An interview with Mark Purnell of Sally Salon Services on how they implemented Microsoft Dynamics and their experience of working with HSO.

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