Does a looming danger threaten your supply chain?

Your supply chains have endless logistical variables across thousands of SKUs and dozens of stores. Even the smallest shock can derail these fragile systems. Everything must run perfectly without a hitch.

You must have an accurate way to forecast inventory issues. Only then can you take early steps to prepare.

How can it be done?

Dynamics 365 provides a complete view of your supply chain

It brings together all your supply chain data. Customer spending patterns, trade agreements, inventories, production materials, warehousing and transportation are all factored in.

Every detail monitored in real time.

Easy to read charts and reports reveal where bottlenecks are most likely. You mitigate problems long before your customers notice. And with predictable inventories, you’re less likely to overstock.  Freeing up capital for other areas of your business. Meanwhile, you’re constantly given new ideas to improve efficiency.

This might involve a new transportation route to keep up with surging demand. Or it could be something much smaller, such as a pallet’s position in your warehouse.

Every improvement combines to make your supply chain more resilient.

Schedule entire shipping plans in minutes

Until now, setting a master plan for shipping and inventories would take hours – perhaps days. Remember also, these follow monthly or quarterly schedules. With longer timelines, you’ve more chance of unexpected events sabotaging your plans.

All your hard work goes to waste.

Dynamics 365 removes this risk with its unique ‘Planning Optimisation’ add-on. Use your supply chain data to automatically create accurate, efficient plans.

All your orders for all your stores are covered in a few clicks.

You can tweak your plan and set different parameters. Or run simulations, accurately forecasting what to expect. You’re saved hours of manual planning. And you see the results before putting your plan to work.

Could your supply chain become your hidden competitive advantage?

Of course, your supply chain works behind the scenes. So Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management could be your secret weapon to grab market share. As you reduce costs, pass savings on to your customers. Or consult it before launching new promotions.

Dynamics 365 also uses your customer data to estimate demand and fulfilment costs. Get accurate sales forecasts and ensure you’re adequately stocked – before your sale begins.

Use your supply chain data to help secure revenues you’ve missed.

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Provide an amazingly consistent experience across all your retail channels

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