Retailers must have the technology to adapt to any sudden change.

However, updating your current systems is statistically a dangerous gamble.

According to Gartner, 75% of ERP projects fail. McKinsey found only 30% of digital transformations improve corporate performance. 90% produce no ROI whatsoever.

As a retailer these risks are even greater because your operation is so complex.

Any mistake – from production to point of sale – threatens your entire investment.

Thankfully there’s an easy answer.

Dynamics 365 gives you an instant, flexible retail solution

Your ERP and CRM systems combine onto a single Cloud platform.

Everyone accesses what they need at any time, from any device.

Most importantly, its tools are “modular,” meaning:

  • You don’t create your entire system at once.
  • You don’t tear down what you’ve already built.
  • You don’t have to get everything right first time.

Install what you need, leave out anything you don’t.

You only pay for the solutions you actually use.

Open this infographic to see the full range of Dynamics 365 solutions

This incredible flexibility makes Dynamics 365 ideal for retailers.

You can start small and launch new projects in record time.

Focus on your most important processes to:

  • Analyse what’s working.
  • Establish new best-practices.
  • Test ideas and innovate rapidly.

As your customer needs change, Dynamics 365 easily adapts with you.

Each of its tools connect to the same growing pool of data.

Retail-specific solutions – such as inventory monitoring, fraud protection, commerce and customer insight tools – are ready the moment you need them.

Build supply chain solutions with startling speed

How fast can you expect results from Dynamics 365?

Until recently, appliance retailer was 100% online with no traditional retail experience whatsoever.

    They launched 5 new physical stores in only 4 months.

Dynamics 365 let them start with only the barest essentials.

A system was launched to manage finance, inventories and forecast future supplies.

By separating this simple solution from their online operation:

  • Mistakes were quick and easy to correct.
  • New ideas were tested at rapid speed.
  • Changes were made instantly, without affecting their core business.

They’re free to experiment with new ideas until the system is refined.

It then connects easily to the entire enterprise.

HSO delivered the project to AO’s demanding timescales, matched our pace, and delivered with speed, but without compromising on quality.

– Carl Phillips, Group Technology Director,

Discover how Dynamics 365 makes your supply chain more predictable and efficient

Going live with AO Video Series

Using Microsoft Technology

Part 2

Surprise your customers with miraculous service

Remember, Dynamics 365 also connects to your customer data.

When customers interact with you – on your website, mobile apps, over the phone, or anywhere else – the data is collected and organised. Every tool draws from this ever-growing information.

Imagine taking a customer service call.

Before picking up the phone, your dashboard reveals who’s calling. And their entire purchase history.

You have everything on hand to instantly:

  • Fulfil orders and field problems fast
  • Understand their needs, helping improve customer loyalty
  • Offer personalised advice especially for them

These moments of magic may seem small, but the long-term impact is huge.

93% of customers read reviews before buying. They’ll also spend 31% more if a retailer’s reviews are exceptional.

With Dynamics 365, you always deliver a consistently outstanding service. There’s no faster way to get customers raving about their experience with you.

See how it’s possible with Dynamics 365 for Commerce.

And please, don’t guess your way through any of this.

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Cloud Storage

At last, use all your retail data to make accurate decisions, increase orders and automate store tasks

Your data is your fastest growing asset.

Yet most retailers don’t see one tenth of its value.

It’s why you must consider the Cloud solution built especially for you.

There’s no need to go it alone.

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Provide an amazingly consistent experience across all your retail channels

Your inventory and store information must be accurate across all your channels. Meanwhile, customers increasingly expect personalised offers. Promotions are based on individual spending habits.

Their information must be organised in one place – regardless of how many different ways they shop.

No wonder more retailers are turning to Dynamics 365 for Commerce.

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Slash inventory costs and accurately forecast shortages

Your supply chains have endless logistical variables across thousands of SKUs and dozens of stores. Even the smallest shock can derail these fragile systems. Everything must run perfectly without a hitch.

You must have an accurate way to forecast inventory issues. Only then can you take early steps to prepare.

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