Your customers have multiple options when placing and collecting orders.

Your inventory and store information must be accurate across all your channels. Meanwhile, customers increasingly expect personalised offers. Promotions are based on individual spending habits. Their information must be organised in one place – regardless of how many different ways they shop.

No wonder more retailers are turning to Dynamics 365 for Commerce.

Dynamics 365 brings all your retail systems onto a single data platform

Important store information is constantly updated across all your channels.

You always deliver a consistent experience.

What’s more, its applications use this information to improve your customer service. Whatever a customer’s preference – mail delivery, in store or contactless pickup – it looks at all your business data.

Even factors outside your operation are considered, such as seasonal demand spikes. You’re shown the fastest way to fulfil every order. If you wish, connect your marketing and supply chains to the same platform.

Forecast demand for new promotions before you launch.

You never worry about your inventories running dry.

Add retail specific solutions to boost your average order size

What you’ll love most about Dynamics 365 is the flexibility. You only pay for the tools you need, when you need them. Every customer action is recorded and organised on a Common Data Platform (CDP). Dynamics 365 for Commerce stays connected to this growing pool of data. And works easily with other Dynamics 365 applications, including retail specific solutions to maximise your sales.

Dynamics 365’s Customer Insights tool is just one amazing example.

This extraordinary software scours your customer surveys, loyalty rewards, browsed items and reviews, building a detailed picture of every individual.

Customers see automated suggestions tailored to their unique preferences.

You can even give your floor staff this same information.

Using any mobile device, call up the customer’s unique profile. You have everything needed to deliver a personalised shopping experience.

You immediately know which upsells and cross sells to suggest.

And you know which promotions will pique their interest, increasing every order size.

Give your business customers the same unbelievable service

Most retailers go to extraordinary lengths to please consumers. Yet business customers are still subjected to long phone calls, tiresome spreadsheets and endless meetings with reps.

Does this make any sense?

When you have Dynamics 365 for Commerce, it certainly doesn’t.

These commerce tools work just as well with business customers.

Make your business services easily accessible from your main website. With drag-and-drop page builders, quickly create gorgeous digital storefronts. Enquiry forms are installed in a few clicks to collect information from new leads.

Again, all your data is organised in one place, making your customer service unbelievably efficient.

When a business customer calls, your rep sees their entire sales history. They immediately address problems with personalised solutions.

Minimal time is wasted.

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