Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is a cloud-based solution that retailers can use in real-time to help lower their costs related to combatting fraud, help increase their revenue by improving acceptance of legitimate transactions, reduce friction in customer experience, and integrate easily into their existing order management system and payment stack.

This solution offers a global level of fraud insights using data sets from participating retailers that are processed with real-time machine learning to detect and mitigate evolving fraud schemes in a timely manner.

Microsoft Dynamics 356 Fraud Protection can help you to:

  • Effectively and visibly reduce the rate and pervasiveness of fraud
  • Reduce wrongful declined transactions and increase bank acceptance rates
  • Improve customer experience

Protect your e-commerce business with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is a cloud-based solution designed to help e-commerce merchants decrease fraud costs, increase acceptance rates, and improve the customer shopping experience. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, you can combat payment and account-creation fraud with adaptive artificial intelligence technology, get the benefit of connected knowledge from all merchants for better fraud insights, and improve customer service with the built-in escalation support tool.

Are fraud and wrongful rejections impacting the customer experience and bottom line of your e-commerce business?

Fraud in e-commerce is one of the most pervasive issues that online businesses face today.

For years, retailers, customers and banking institutions have been impacted by suboptimal experiences, increased operational expenses, wrongful rejections, and reduced revenue.

Trade body UK Finance reports that fraud on UK retailer websites in 2018 cost over £251 million.

Fraud impacts e-commerce businesses in three ways:

  • Lost revenue, when an illegitimate purchase is made on their platform using a hacked account, stolen credit card, or by other fraudulent means.
  • Customer satisfaction issues and lost revenue, when a legitimate customer purchase is wrongfully marked as fraud.
  • Increased operational expense, to detect fraud and manage chargebacks.

Adaptive AI technology

Continuously learns and adapts from patterns and equips fraud managers with tools and data they need to make informed decisions and optimise their fraud controls.

Fraud protection network

A connected fraud detection network provides knowledge and broad awareness of fraud activity across the globe, while keeping the security of your confidential information and shoppers’ privacy top of mind.

Transaction acceptance booster

Sharing transaction trust knowledge with issuing banks helps boost your authorisation rates. Banks worldwide can choose to participate in the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection transaction acceptance booster feature to increase acceptance rates of legitimate authorisation requests from online merchants using Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

Customer escalation support tool

Provides detailed risk insights about each transaction to improve your customer support experience.

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