Understand and predict customer insight and behaviour with Customer Insights

Successful companies distinguish themselves by putting their customers at the heart of everything they do. It is with good reason that customer experience is central in the digital transformation of many organisations. Personal and relevant relationships with customers are indispensable in order to compete. In addition, based on the right customer data, you want to be able to quickly steer and decide when it comes to products, innovation and service.

But most organisations have their customer data stored in many different places and customer processes take place in different applications. So how do you bring this data together into one complete profile?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a comprehensive solution to bundle your customer data and better understand the behaviour, needs and wishes of your customers. With Customer Insights (CI) you finally get that 360 degree customer view and all customer-focused employees, from sales to service staff, can do their work better and more effectively.

Advantages of Customer Insights


Get a single view of your customers and create rich customer profiles


See and know how your customers interact with your business; what services they use or buy products


Insight into what services and products they may want to purchase in the future


Opportunities to change or positively influence customer behaviour

Leverage the full power of the Microsoft platform

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights seamlessly connects with other Microsoft tools and the Power Platform to extend the solution. Connect Customer Insights with Microsoft Graph and Power BI to incorporating audience intelligence to gain deeper customer insights and visualise these effectively through customised dashboards and reports, build custom apps with embedded customer insights using Power Apps and trigger workflows based on customer actions and signals using Power Automate.

Customer Insights cards can also be embedded into your Dynamics 365 business applications or external applications to give your employees the information they need where they need it to drive informed action.

Customer Insights And Power Apps

Whats is Dynamics Customer Insights?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights shouldn’t be confused with a platform through which customer interactions take place, such as a CRM system or Marketing Automation solution. Instead, Customer Insights is a next-generation application powered by AI and machine learning that comes with out-of-the-box connectors to enable you to map, match, merge, and enrich your customer-based data from a wide range of different data sources to gain an accurate, unified view of all your available customer data and create rich customer profiles.

  • CI brings data from different locations and applications together in an Azure Data Lake thanks to pre-built connectors;
  • This data is transformed into uniform customer profiles based on the Common Data Model;
  • Data can be enriched with machine learning algorithms and AI so that, in addition to historical insight, you can also make predictions.

When you have all your customer data together in such a way that you can compare data with each other, you can easily create segmentations and define customer groups: a prerequisite for a better customer experience.

Customer Insights 1

In which areas can you benefit from Customer Insights?

Insight into which customers are likely to leave or which leads are most promising and act accordingly.

Determine and test the right marketing strategies thanks to clear segmentations and profiles. Determine the best next step for your customer (group), such as an offer, promotion or discount.

CI is closely linked to the Power Platform. For example, in Power BI you can determine KPIs and link them to your data in Customer Insights. Think of lead time of support tickets, returning customers and expected lead development.

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