Adding value to your construction business with technology

Many construction companies have changed their business models, from being one large entity managing all areas of their supply chain, to working with smaller external specialist companies to deliver a subset of these services. As a result, the number of companies a project has significantly increased over the years. In addition to this, the servitisation trend is on the rise; a growing number of businesses are creating service and maintenance companies themselves.

However, regardless of how much business dynamics may be changing, all companies are facing the same challenge within their service operations. How do you make the construction supply chain more customer-centric with so many partners, suppliers, vendors and contractors, mergers and acquisitions to manage?

Tender Management

4 Key Benefits of Tender Management Software

For construction companies working with third parties, tender management can be a complex process. Without the right tools, you may be managing various contracts and proposals at different times; resulting in a lack of control over projects and relationships. Many businesses are however realising the value of a tender management solution. Let’s take a closer look at four of the key benefits.

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