At last, use all your retail data to make accurate decisions, increase orders and automate store tasks

Why have a Cloud system especially for retail?

Because retail operations are uniquely complicated.

Your customers have individual preferences – across products, channels, delivery options and more. To meet their needs, you must consider transportation routes, store inventories, seasonal demand and infinite logistical variables.

Meanwhile, you’re collecting data, oceans of data.

It’s pouring in from suppliers, employees and customers.

And 90% of retail data is disorganised and / or scattered across different silos.

You cannot see the relationships between your systems. So you don’t know how decisions impact your entire operation.

But what if you could …

Introducing Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Combine all your data for rapid answers and effortless results

Microsoft Cloud for Retail works in two important ways.

First, it brings together all your data sources.

You don’t need to change any of your current software. Microsoft Cloud for Retail is compatible with Amazon Web Services, Adobe, SAP – any tools you’re already using. Your entire process connects to a Common Data Platform (CDP), stored securely on Microsoft Azure.

Combining your data this new way reveals surprising insights:

  • How might a new promotion affect your supply chain?
  • Where is demand surging – and why?
  • Which upsells are most attractive to which customers?

Whatever the question, you see important relationships between your data.

You make rapid, accurate decisions – and see the results in real time.

Second, Microsoft’s Cloud for Retail includes an arsenal of tools to harness your data

Use them to uncover new efficiencies anywhere in your operation:


Build your own problem-solving apps and automate everyday store tasks

Microsoft’s Power Platform makes it easy for anyone to do without writing a single line of code. Businesses have seen a fivefold return within 3 years - see what Power Platform can do for you here.


Prepare your stores for sudden supply shocks or changes in demand

Dynamics 365 combines your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions onto a single platform. Appliance retailer,, used this to launch 5 physical stores in just 4 months - discover what made it possible here.


Make your shop floor dramatically more productive – with Microsoft Teams

No more passing instructions down from one floor to the next. Send tasks straight to specific departments, or people and collect instant feedback from those dealing directly with your customers. A single tool within Teams saved one of IKEA’s stores $37,700. See how it happened and how you can do the same here.

All of these tools stay connected to your data.

As you gather more information, they improve and adapt – automatically.

Your data is your fastest growing asset.

Yet most retailers don’t see one tenth of its value.

It’s why you must consider the Cloud solution built especially for you.

There’s no need to go it alone.

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City On Top Of Gears

How to prepare your stores for any sudden shock

Dynamics 365 gives you an instant, flexible retail solution.

Your ERP and CRM systems combine onto a single Cloud platform.

Everyone accesses what they need at any time, from any device.

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Power Platform stack logos

Make rapid, accurate decisions across all your stores and see the results in real-time

Like most retailers, you’re probably drowning in data.

But how can you use this information to make timely, accurate decisions?

Let the Power Platform take the load.

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Azure On A Tablet

Microsoft Azure gives retailers a thoroughly tested, proven solution

You’ve probably heard of Azure – you may already be using it in some areas of your business.

It’s a long-standing, proven cloud computing platform. Use it to host data, applications and websites – any aspect of your operation.

Azure has been around since 2010, and a Frost & Sullivan study found 95% of users are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied.’

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Teams On Phone With Blurry People Background

How Teams can help retailers

Everyday tasks, like stock checks and product recalls, are easily overlooked.

Mistakes are more likely right where your customers see you.

Fortunately using one tool correctly solves all these problems.

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