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Every organisation—regardless of size, industry, or geography—faces seismic changes in markets, competitive landscape, strategies, and business requirements.

Sometimes these changes are expected, sometimes not. Regardless, you need to pivot, which is made more difficult (or impossible) by legacy technology that can’t keep up. Plus if you’re a large, global enterprise, the challenge is even more daunting.


We are experiencing a generational transition in the way organisations use, buy, and operate software.

Take a look at HSO’s presentation delivered at South Coast Summit 2021, and learn more about how organisations are moving from app to ecosystem.

The past era focused on implementing point solutions to solve specific business needs… using an app to fill a gap.

Today’s forward-looking organisations are taking a platform-first approach, investing in their infrastructure to build, manage and govern their entire technology stack.

Microsoft’s answer to the platform-first movement: The revolutionary Cloud Application Platform

Forward-looking enterprises are leveraging Microsoft’s cloud application platform.

The Microsoft Cloud Application platform provides layers of governance and security, so you can connect multiple systems in a safe way. The recommended tools for this include…
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This creates a technology ecosystem which provides a single view of your data in order to make intelligent, strategic decisions whilst increasing efficiencies, agility and results.

The benefits of scaling with the Microsoft Cloud Application Platform

CogsAddress new business requirements by quickly building new solutions for emerging yet complex business challenges, needs, or use cases.

Green lightbulbRe-imagine existing processes or applications by modernising with a single source of truth for data.

Sunset end-of-life legacy technologies (e.g. InfoPath, Lotus Notes, SharePoint workflows/apps, Access, legacy CRM/ERP, WinAutomation).

Enable citizen developers to build productivity grade apps that meet less-complex needs, whilst managing platform governance top-down

Where do HSO come in?

HSO’s team are co-authors of the Power Platform Adoption Framework, a global standard for how large organisations are adopting and scaling the Microsoft cloud. This framework has evolved into HSO’s Centre of Excellence as a Service approach, influenced by real-world challenges.

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Supporting cloud transformation across industries

Financial Services | Public Sector | Professional Services | Manufacturing | Retail

We work with you to:

  • Complete a Cloud Adoption Assessment: We work across 22 areas of assessment to ensure your team are set up for success.
  • Establish a landing zone: We ensure that your infrastructure has the right security and governance policies in place to create an environment safe for all to use.
  • Understand your business maturity: HSO’s assessments go into depth around the current state of your business, what’s working well and risk areas requiring focus, in order to make tailored recommendations.
  • Build beautiful and transformational applications: We look beyond a single app to fill a single gap, and instead focus on large-scale workloads that will improve organization productivity, efficiencies and governance.
  • Develop an ongoing roadmap to ensure maximum business impact: Everything our team creates is means tested against a jointly agreed 6-12 month roadmap, to ensure your business is gaining maximum value from your technologies.

Learn more about HSO’s Centre of Excellence as a Service Approach

Read more about HSO’s Centre of Excellence as a Service for Microsoft Cloud Transformation

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