Saving lives and improving outcomes with Blue Light Microsoft solutions

Demand on Blue Light services are greater than ever. Data released by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), reveals that brigades across the country have lost a third of frontline firefighters since 2010. This whilst the government aims to recruit an extra 20,000 police officers by March 2023. And pandemic induced complexities fell on top of an already overburdened ambulance service. Microsoft technology goes a long way to enabling front line and back-office staff to meet service demand without adding extra burden. Here's how.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects the services you provide directly with the public you serve. As a cloud-based technology, you can access systems remotely, and collaborate securely with your remote working staff, making it easy to direct resources and manage needs. For example, connecting first responders via technology such as chat, call, video and photo sharing, into a single system, allows better decisions to be made faster.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

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Blue Light service ambulance

Data & Analytics: How to reduce the time to case response and resolution

With the right approach to data management and analytics, those delivering Blue Light services can connect data and improve their view of service delivery and response.

West Yorkshire Police recently trialed an application that allowed both front line response services and members of the public to communicate instant data during an emergency response. Front line responders were able to, for the first time, use their mobile device to send multimedia messages, alerting police to the situation in advance of their arrival.

Because of well managed data processes, the analytics engine was able to provide real-time insight allowing West Yorkshire Police to co-ordinate more efficient responses.

This is where HSO can help.

Having access to real-time incident data could make the difference between life and death. It's as stark as that.

A connected data platform provides the insight to improve response rates, resource allocation, and service support. It ensures that, for example, fire, ambulance or police crews don't arrive to a scene ill equipped to tackle the situation.

And having real-time insight at your fingertips will improve case efficiency, reducing the time to resolution and outcome.

HSOs Data & Analytics experts will help you connect data to improve your view of service delivery and response, helping you understand and improve the value of investments in data.

Build a modern data led Blue Light service

Microsoft Dynamics 365:
How to enable self-service and process automation

Blue Light service providers face growing pressure to improve response times, deliver better and higher quality care, and meet the tough targets set by central government.

This while attempting to modernise, become more efficient, and make the most of technology and innovation to respond to current and future demands. This while contending with tight budgets.

Key to enabling this begins with rationalisation of the IT systems that support this back-office service provision.

This is where HSO can help.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 improves self-service and business process automation.

And seamless integration with other Microsoft technology such as Outlook, Teams, and the Power Platform connects front-line staff and back-line support with citizens.

An integrated ERP platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers real-time data and a means for Blue Light services to respond faster to the demands placed on them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a foundation from which to deploy other technologies, and yet remain connected to.

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Cloud Applications: How to bridge service gaps with flexible app development

The right technology gives emergency teams the tools to get the job done and ultimately, save lives.

But the needs of Blue Light services is often very different. There is no-one size fits all solution. And so when disaster strikes, you need applications built to enable your teams to deliver the best response, and outcome.

Microsoft's Cloud Application Platform simplifies application development and meaning at low cost, you can create agile applications to solve unique to you challenges.

Flexibility at low cost is today's need when it comes to application development

Microsoft's Cloud Application Platform removes the shackles of traditional technology acquisition.

The platform allows Blue Light services to quickly address new requirements by enabling in-house teams to build applications to meet a greater range of needs. And yet these unique apps integrate seamlessly with your existing IT.

Discover more about the Cloud Application Platform here

Microsoft 365: How to respond quickly to incidents and improve public safety

First responders in Blue Light services are often on call and making sure that people’s lives aren’t at risk.

Having front-line responders and back-office able to communicate in a single place allows information to flow quickly between parties. Decisions can be made quickly, and plans to remedy situations agreed.

The chance is, you probably already have all the tools you need to do this.

And getting the most value from your existing investments in Microsoft technology is where HSO can help.

Your staff will know and trust Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and Windows. But they may not be extracting all its value.

And given the nature of Blue Light services, working smarter, not harder, means delivering needed services fast.

Creating a modern workplace is not about technology. It’s about people. It’s about giving your staff the tools to do their best work. Meaning citizens lives are improved as a result.

How to do more with Microsoft 365

Delivering value for Public Sector organisations such as ...

HSO and Agilisys working in partnership for Blue Light services

Combining Agilisys track record of solving complex challenges for Blue Light service organisations, together with HSOs deep technical know-how of Microsoft technology, particularly Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the partnership will deliver solutions that make it easier for organisations delivering Blue Light services to improve the lives of the people they serve.

Digital Transformation Playbook

Digital transformation: Four elements to a successful strategy

This playbook can help you tackle the process of digital transformation in steps, providing you with a roadmap of that journey. And depending on where you are in its process, you can use this playbook from beginning to end or jump to the section that’s most relevant to you.

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Blue Light Response

How HSO serves the digital needs of Blue Light services using Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you're considering how to develop your digital services but don’t know where to start, or you have some capabilities but feel they need to be updated, our team can help you. We can help you build the business case, align with your mission, define the best approach, and guide you on how to achieve your aims.

At HSO, our mission is to help organisations delivering Blue Light services meet the needs of the citizens more effectively, cost efficiently, and faster, by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to connect an often fragmented set of services. Contact us today to start your journey to empowering staff to support the needs of the people in your communities.

Our Microsoft capabilities


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Getting information from the field to your internal systems fast, can make the the difference between providing the support services needed, or not. It relies on connecting your organisation processes.


Microsoft Power Platform

If you want to respond to citizen needs, you are no longer dependent on IT for apps and reporting. Thanks to Microsoft Power Platform, anyone can now work with apps, workflows, reports and chatbots themselves.


Microsoft 365

Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, Windows are all tools designed to help staff work smarter, not harder. They improve collaboration between the back-office and those in the field delivering essential community services.


Data & Analytics

Sound data management and combined with analytics provides insight you can use to dictate how you use and manage your resources, ensuring the right support is provided to the right people at the right time.

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