The results of the 2022 Manufacturing Agility Assessment, researched and produced by The Manufacturer, and commissioned by HSO, will be released at Digital Manufacturing Week 2022, industry’s premier event. The report will provide powerful insights into just how agile the nation’s manufacturing organisations are.

One key insight the report will reveal is how, despite surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, set against a backdrop of high energy prices, ongoing supply chain disruption and the conflict in Ukraine, many manufacturers are still questioning how agile they are.

Indeed, since 2021, when the inaugural Manufacturing Agility Assessment was conducted, manufacturers’ agility has witnessed a significant drop.

This may come as a surprise to many, which is why the follow-up interviews, conducted by The Manufacturer to add much needed context, are so valuable. In the new report, the insights from these interviews serve to highlight both where manufacturers are in terms of agility and explain why so many organisations believe they aren’t as agile as they were in 2021.

Discover the reasons why so many manufacturers overestimated their agility last year; how supply chain disruption actually has a silver lining; and why, despite being faced with an array of challenges, many organisations are still actively investing in key business areas.

This year’s Manufacturing Agility Assessment is a deep dive into the current state of industry’s agility, building on last year’s first iteration, to provide a holistic view.

Concluding this year’s assessment, Matt Birtwistle, Manufacturing Industry Director at HSO, said the results were “eye-opening”, but that they also reflected many of the conversations HSO has been having with its customers. In the report, Matt also provides some insights into how manufacturing organisations can quickly and effectively boost their agility, with a relatively small investment.

Matt and The Manufacturer’s James Devonshire, author of the report, will be unveiling the results of the 2022 Manufacturing Agility Assessment at 3.00pm on the 16th of November in the Leadership & Strategy Theatre within the Smart Infrastructure Zone at Smart Factory Expo, part of Digital Manufacturing Week.