The transition from an on-premise environment, at office locations and data centres, to a cloud-based platform poses relevant questions in the field of IT security. How do you protect business systems, applications and data that are in the cloud? 

Security is an important consideration when introducing new ways of working with innovative, cloud-based technology such as the Modern Workplace . But how do you manage this and what should you pay attention to?


The challenges of the modern CIO

Fortunately, IT is increasingly no longer seen as just a cost item, but it is expected that the IT platform is designed in such a way that it adds value to the company. As a CIO, you want to focus as little as possible on basic processes, such as adding users, performing upgrades and managing access. Instead, you want to be able to advise on innovation, strategic competitive advantage and process optimisation. At the same time, the Total Cost of Ownership of your IT platform should ideally be reduced, but you must offer the flexibility to scale up if necessary. Quite a challenge!

A new look at IT security

In an on-premise situation, built across office locations and data centres, laptops and phones were neatly configured by the IT department so you could only use the devices according to IT guidelines. If you wanted to work outside the safe environment of the office network, you could only get access via a VPN or a similar connection. You could think of the IT department as the police, who not only kept the crooks out but also constantly checked their own ‘citizens’.

How different that is with cloud computing. Your data and applications are hosted and managed in different places and by other parties. Users are continuously mobile and change devices every time. Not only is data continuously shared internally and externally, but the amount of data that is used and produced is growing so fast that you can no longer control this as an IT department. This requires a different view of IT security and Microsoft helps you with this!

A new approach to security with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft ‘s Modern Workplace solution and consists of Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security and Office 365 Enterprise. Microsoft 365 offers an integrated security solution across the complete Modern Workplace environment. An important aspect of security is trust and reliability. The reliability of five pillars:

  • A reliable user
  • A reliable device
  • A reliable app
  • A reliable platform
  • Reliable data
5 Elements Security microsoft modern workplace

Azure Active Directory: the key to success

An important foundation is Azure Active Directory (AAD), which is used as the Identity and Access Management (IAM) layer in the Microsoft cloud ( Azure ). AAD is fully integrated with other layers of Microsoft 365, such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). But also in backend services such as SharePoint and OneDrive, and in both Microsoft-based business applications and non-Microsoft business applications. If you use AAD in conjunction with Windows 10, you can also make a big leap in your IT security, including banning passwords and taking the step to Windows Hello.

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