In recent years, cost cutting measures to make Field Service Management (FSM) organisations leaner and offer better value for money have impacted customer service. Happily, this is now being addressed – with success. In fact, FSM may well be in the best shape it’s ever been.

Rapid technological change has created an exciting new world for field service technicians to learn more in less time, and provide greater value. IoT is also making life easier. Data can be collected, stored and shared in real time. Invoices can be created, completed and approved while on-site with customers. Visually impactful technologies like augmented reality (AR) enhance operations and inform decision-making.

All of this raises the bar. Going forward, successful field service organisations will use the best FSM software solutions, and adopt the most relevant technology applications. Indeed, forward-thinking field service professionals are already deploying technology strategies to grow their competitive advantage. If you don’t join them, your revenues may suffer.

Start by rethinking the way you operate field services – and move from a product-based business model, to a services-based one.

Make the move to servitisation

Powered by IoT, servitisation gives your business the flexibility and scalability it needs to satisfy customers, share data, identify and resolve issues as they arise, and conduct maintenance remotely. Technology is connected, seamlessly, so systems, devices, processes and people can all communicate every moment and do the best job, at the right time.

That said, all the innovation and technology in the world won’t fulfil its potential unless it’s planned and deployed correctly, using the appropriate stakeholders and resources. To ensure this happens, you need to do three things:

  1. Promote servitisation across your organisation
    It’s not just about persuading senior management. Everybody in your entire organisation must understand the reasons for change, and believe in the benefits. More than that, they must appreciate the importance of working together to make it happen.
  2. Re-inforce the role of Field Services
    When it comes to customer experience, at the moment where sales promise meets real-world deployment, field service technicians are incredibly important. They are the people who will have the closest contact with customers following the sale of a solution. So, it’s vital that every employee understands what they do, and why it’s valuable.
  3. Recruit the right people & train them effectively
    By making the most of exciting virtual capabilities such as distance learning, PC training, augmented reality and other digital media, you can prepare employees for specific roles and equip them with the skills they need to succeed.

Exceptional customer experience is only possible with a holistic approach to services and support, which can scale as demand changes and always be agile enough to accommodate new developments. That’s why it’s important to choose a vendor capable of providing a comprehensive and committed level of support.

HSO is here to help. We create purpose-built field service software solutions for organisations looking to boost productivity across their entire business, without increasing operational costs or jeopardising customer service.

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