As companies progress through their various stages of growth and innovation following Covid-19, Managed Services has a lot of potential benefits – from flexibility to professional representation – and businesses small and large are wise to consider scaling their outsourcing needs.

Some of the largest companies in the world outsource, in order to maintain steady growth and productivity. Getting the balance of in-house employees and outsourced resources enables organisations to improve operations and cut costs.

Why do companies look to a Managed Services Provider for help?

  1. To maintain company focus and strategy
  2. To grow and innovate more rapidly
  3. To ensure scalability and flexibility
  4. To retain their top talent
  5. To meet compliance regulations and reduce risk
  6. To increase brand loyalty – ensuring their customers feel cared for and appreciated


Currently, if a company is using a SaaS application (Software-as-a-Service, like Microsoft Dynamics 365), or other public cloud service, they don’t have to worry about the protection and availability of the service infrastructure and applications from a cyberattack or other disaster. Instead, SaaS and other public cloud providers are responsible for the protection and availability of these services. They have in place the robust security, technologies, trained security experts and proven security processes required to meet their availability guarantees.

However, under the shared responsibility model used by most SaaS and public cloud providers, their customers are responsible for securing and protecting the data stored in the SaaS application and on the cloud themselves. Including securing data against ransomware and other malicious attacks. Many companies don’t have the expertise or resources to cope. This is where they need the help of a Managed Services Provider, such as HSO, who will help them reduce the chance that a malicious cyberattack will result in their SaaS or other cloud-based data being irretrievably locked, altered, or destroyed.

HSO can help by:

  • Customising and optimising Microsoft Azure Cloud services for particular business requirements.
  • Ensuring that Microsoft applications comply with government data privacy regulations.
  • Developing unique cloud-based digital services that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Contact our experts to discuss your exact requirements. Get the support you need to ensure the fundamental integrity of your business, while turning your digital dreams into reality.